Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruffles and Stuff Contest Entries

Ruffled Air Freshener 

 A State Trooper pulls a car over on a lonely back road and approaches a 'blonde lady' driver. 
"Ma'am, is there a reason that you're weaving all over the road"?
The woman replied, "Oh officer, thank goodness you're here!! I almost had an accident! I looked up and there was a tree right in front of me. I swerved to the left and there was another tree in front of me. I swerved to the right and there was another tree in front of me!"
Reaching through the side window to the rear view mirror, the officer replied, "Ma'am... that's your air freshener." 

Never again will you have to worry about those "trees" jumping out and causing you distress ;) Just whip up this quick and simple air freshener cover that I made from fabric and ribbon scraps. It was SO simple and I have very minimal sewing skills (as in... I can make square pillows... minimal). I think it turned out really cute and mom has it hanging from her rear view mirror!

I've got a Tutorial for this so watch for it!

Ruffled Bottom Shirt

I know we Moms may not always feel like it but I believe we are all Superheroes. Face it, you know as well as your husband, that he didn't inherit any Diaper Changing Powers. So to further prove my point let's take a look at the Superhero checklist.

Superpowers? Check! Us Mom's are fluent in Toddler-ese... a language which most are unable to understand, let alone speak. Not to mention the thousands of other superpowers we posess.

Transportation? Hello... what do you think that minivan/SUV in the driveway is? It morphs from vehicle, to movie theatre, to restuarant, closet, and to anything else you can imagine.

Ability to Keep Secrets? Double Check! You know all that knowledge you gained from studying, intense conversation, and debates in college? All that stuff that never comes up in your Toddler-ese conversations which has become so secret even YOU forgot you knew it? We totally posess the power to keep our superhero status a secret.

Costume? Che... Wait a minute!

Need a costume? I gotcha covered :) I know what you are thinking... "I am NOT wearing my underwear on the outside of my clothes." Well what would you say if I told you that you COULD wear super cute underwear outside your clothes and no one would know?

Yup those are pink polka dot NEW NEVER WORN panties. Yes I might just be crazy. It's entirely possible but I blame genetics. Anyway I found these super cute panties but they were several sizes too big for me. But they were just too cute and too cheap ($1.99) to pass up. So I modified them to make a stretchy *belt* and added it to a black shirt that I never wore. I twisted extra fabric from where I took in the side to make the center of the corsage brooch. The rest of the brooch was constructed of an old pair of Hannah's zebra print pants, some pink netting, and light gray fabric. Crazy? Yeah I am... but I've gotten lots of compliments and no one has even guessed what I did! Everyone thinks I bought the shirt that way!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a Couple of WOW things

Just a couple of quick things today, from two of my favorite blogs. I've been sick and although I am feeling MUCH better, the couch is calling my name! And I totally plan to spend the rest of the day there.

 Ruffles and Stuff is the blog that really got my attention and got me interested in blogging and crafting of all kinds. If you ever want to feel inspired just check out some of her tutorials! WOW! Anyway she is having a contest called Ruffle Your Stuff and it has tons of great prizes. Check it out!

So You Think You're Crafty is another blog I have fallen in love with. It's like a crafters reality show for blogs. Basically, each session a group of crafters are chosen. Then they compete each week by creating crafts which fall under that weeks category. We vote. The crafter with the least amount of votes gets the boot. Love it. Anyway last weeks winner (Kalleen from AT SECOND STREET) created a really cool dinosaur playset out of an old suitcase. Wow! Makes me wish Hannah was into dinosaurs... or that I had the time to work out a girly version.

So You Think Your Crafty

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Tutorial - Butterfly Candle Centerpiece

I've been reading craft blogs for awhile now and I am SO in LOVE with SO many of them! I love reading tutorials so I figured I'd take the opportunity to make my own :) I got my inspiration here and I'd LOVE to have a more exact replica but my bedroom is in brown tones. Ah well.

Mod Podge Glue
Cheap Frame
Scrapbook Paper
Buttons (or other embellishments)
Hot Glue Gun


I found the frame at the Dollar Tree and its awesome for this project because it has only a thin black frame with the majority being glass. Candles came from Dollar Tree as well. Paper and buttons were just laying around the house... so I have 3 bucks invested in this project! Gotta LOVE that!

 So here we go!


The first step is to chose what image you want to decoupage on your candle (1). Once you get it cut out (2) and trimmed to size (3) you are going to use the Mod Podge (or decoupage glue of your choice) and glue it (4) on the candle (FYI for those who haven't done this in the past... put the glue on the back of the paper). After you get your image glued on you will need to put a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it. Just use your paintbrush to paint right on top of it.


While that dries we are going to make the base. Take the glass out of the frame and center it over the design on the paper you want to use (7 & 8). Trace around the glass and then cut it out (9). Pop the paper and glass back in the frame and voila (10)! Super hard, right?

Now all you need is some embellishment! I used some vintage buttons (11) that my mom had. I arranged and then hot glued them directly to the glass (12). So simple but oh so cute!


That's it! Just put the candles on top and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table, buffet, etc! It was adorable resting on top of a vintage doily on my moms buffet table! And I've now got it sitting atop a stack of old books on my dresser. LOVE IT!



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I May Never Live This One Down *sigh*

I've always been such a dork... This incident was just so crazy I had to share it. Hannah may never let me live this one down*sigh*

A bit of back story... I live in a fairly old house. With my cousin and grandfather. And shag carpeting... and very poor lighting... Our laundry room is in the basement and the hallway to access the basement has very high ceilings... like 2nd story high.

I was headed down the stairs to wash clothes... when suddenly, out of no where I am attacked!! AHHHH

I just know it had to be by something horrible and vicious in this old house!! Whatever it was fell or flew from above and I feel it hit me on the leg before falling down the stairs to the basement and landing on the floor... Oh my it's probably a huge SPIDER or AHHHHH a BAT!!

"OH. MY. GOSH. THERE it IS!! I see it!!! I think it might be moving!!!" I scream, "Hannah get me the broom!!!"

I grab my weapon and head into the unknown to battle and save my child!

Creeping down the stairs... quietly but with purpose while Hannah yells, "What is it mom??" and "Kill it!! Kill it!!"

Inching as close as one could dare... my battle cry rings out through the basement as I use the broom to beat the unknown creature to a pulp!!

No movement.... wait... no no its not moving. HA~HA~HA VICTORY is MINE!!

Hannah comes down the stairs to join me 3 steps from the bottom. I pull her close, wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly.  "It's ok," I tell her, "I killed it."

Hannah leans a bit closer and says... "Hey... Mom... isn't that thing just your earring?"

I lean closer and look for myself. I then have no choice but to look at that sweet angelic little face and say, "Yes... yes I suppose it is. But at least its dead now."


Monday, January 11, 2010

Junk & Keys

I don't drink coffee on a regular basis... however this morning I had 2 cups. So now I feel like my head my burst and I'm on the verge of bouncing off the walls. HA! So I figured I might as well put my energy to good use before I crash in a bit... So I got on Etsy and searched for Junk & Keys. I don't know why but even as a child I was fascinated with old keys. I had a pretty good collection and for me, the possiblilities were endless! I could hide one in the yard and *stumble* across it then set off on a journey to unlock chests filled with the lost treasures of the world!! Or perhaps my own secret garden or possibly a door to an unknown world. Whatever I was playing out in the acre of woods beside our house, my childhood was a blast. Add to that, the excitement of finding bits of broken metal and junk around the outside of my grandpa's workshop and you have an obsession in the making!

Sometimes when I'm feeling like I really want to make something but I'm lacking inspiration, I'll get on Etsy and search for "junk." The great thing about doing this is I can draw inspiration from things I see and head out to the workshop or dig in my "junk drawer" for supplies!! Simple and cheap! Gotta love that! So here are some great and inspiring things I found this morning! Check 'em out while I grab my keys and unlock  the secret door into my world of Craftville (not the most original name but ah well)!

And finally ~ making junk look even more beautiful!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hmmm Better Late than Never - Happy New Year!

Sooo.... I made this cool signature thing for my blog and I figured what the hell, might as well post something and see how it looks. :o) Although I'm not certain what to write about so I'll go with the obvious. Or maybe the not so obvious since we are already 7 days into the new year and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. But hey... if you know me, you already know that I can't manage anything on time. It'd just be weird and freaky if I did.

2009 was definitely a strange year for me... I drank, smoked, and partied too much. I got my nose pierced (something I was always told as a kid I'd be disowned for doing), heart broken, pride hurt, but all in all I had a pretty great time. I challenged people and situations and did a few things I never thought I would be brave enough to do. Everything I learned in the last year has made me who I am. And for the first time in a really long time, I am able to look at myself and be happy. I have a long way to go before I get to where I want to be, but if I was there now what would be the point in living any longer?

So what does 2010 hold for me? I don't really have any idea. But it's nearly day 8 and I can proudly say that I have: a wonderful daughter, an amazing family, a job I absolutely LOVE, and above it all I have my Savior. So here I sit at 11p.m. in my penguin pajamas eating pickles from the jar. Life can't get much better. Except maybe if I had warmer socks! It's like 8 degrees out there! Maybe I should make that feet warmer thing I came across earlier...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I is for the iPhone

About a week or so before Christmas, my parents decided to upgrade their phones. Now... I love my parents. They are wonderful, hardworking people. But neither of them are techy people. My mom is pretty good ~ shes figured out Facebook, MySpace, and some photo editing. My dad.... well... my brother and I hooked up the flat screen. I'm not sure how much he knows about technology because he always cons someone else into doing it for him. So imagine my surprise when the two of them bring home their new phones. Their new iPhones!

They spent Day 1 just working on making calls and my mom mastered txting. On Day 2, mom hands me her phone and the instruction booklet wanting me to figure out how to use it and then show her. That was fun. Fortunately, my brother came home for Christmas and set up iTunes on the computer and showed them how to work it. I really haven't used iTunes enough to be able to show someone else how to use it. I'm pretty good at figuring it all out for myself but showing someone else? Nah I hate doing that. So extremely thankful for Spencer. So here is my contribution... I'm looking up pretty stuff for my mom to use to accessorize her phone :)

Now of course these don't have to be used just for an iPhone. In fact I wouldn't mind having some for my new phone.


I LOVE the 2 above cases! Both have extra pockets for cash, debit/cards, etc. The fabric used by Wallaby Bag Co is fabulous and whimisical! We should all know by now that I have a thing for birds, owls, and silhouettes so this is right up my alley! Gadget Armour's case is elegant, sophisticated, and very posh. I love that you can upgrade it with an embroidery option! Awesome! 

Well it's been a week since my parents got their phones... all in all, I'm very impressed with them. My dad totally cracks me up! He walks around in awe that he can access the internet so quickly. He just set up his voice mail today. My mom is way ahead... already downloading music, videos, games, etc to hers. 

A bit of a side note but its related! Below is a photo of my 76 year old grandpa using the internet to access Cabela's. Such focus! Such determination! So adorable! 

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