Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I May Never Live This One Down *sigh*

I've always been such a dork... This incident was just so crazy I had to share it. Hannah may never let me live this one down*sigh*

A bit of back story... I live in a fairly old house. With my cousin and grandfather. And shag carpeting... and very poor lighting... Our laundry room is in the basement and the hallway to access the basement has very high ceilings... like 2nd story high.

I was headed down the stairs to wash clothes... when suddenly, out of no where I am attacked!! AHHHH

I just know it had to be by something horrible and vicious in this old house!! Whatever it was fell or flew from above and I feel it hit me on the leg before falling down the stairs to the basement and landing on the floor... Oh my it's probably a huge SPIDER or AHHHHH a BAT!!

"OH. MY. GOSH. THERE it IS!! I see it!!! I think it might be moving!!!" I scream, "Hannah get me the broom!!!"

I grab my weapon and head into the unknown to battle and save my child!

Creeping down the stairs... quietly but with purpose while Hannah yells, "What is it mom??" and "Kill it!! Kill it!!"

Inching as close as one could dare... my battle cry rings out through the basement as I use the broom to beat the unknown creature to a pulp!!

No movement.... wait... no no its not moving. HA~HA~HA VICTORY is MINE!!

Hannah comes down the stairs to join me 3 steps from the bottom. I pull her close, wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly.  "It's ok," I tell her, "I killed it."

Hannah leans a bit closer and says... "Hey... Mom... isn't that thing just your earring?"

I lean closer and look for myself. I then have no choice but to look at that sweet angelic little face and say, "Yes... yes I suppose it is. But at least its dead now."



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