Sunday, December 27, 2009

I is for the iPhone

About a week or so before Christmas, my parents decided to upgrade their phones. Now... I love my parents. They are wonderful, hardworking people. But neither of them are techy people. My mom is pretty good ~ shes figured out Facebook, MySpace, and some photo editing. My dad.... well... my brother and I hooked up the flat screen. I'm not sure how much he knows about technology because he always cons someone else into doing it for him. So imagine my surprise when the two of them bring home their new phones. Their new iPhones!

They spent Day 1 just working on making calls and my mom mastered txting. On Day 2, mom hands me her phone and the instruction booklet wanting me to figure out how to use it and then show her. That was fun. Fortunately, my brother came home for Christmas and set up iTunes on the computer and showed them how to work it. I really haven't used iTunes enough to be able to show someone else how to use it. I'm pretty good at figuring it all out for myself but showing someone else? Nah I hate doing that. So extremely thankful for Spencer. So here is my contribution... I'm looking up pretty stuff for my mom to use to accessorize her phone :)

Now of course these don't have to be used just for an iPhone. In fact I wouldn't mind having some for my new phone.


I LOVE the 2 above cases! Both have extra pockets for cash, debit/cards, etc. The fabric used by Wallaby Bag Co is fabulous and whimisical! We should all know by now that I have a thing for birds, owls, and silhouettes so this is right up my alley! Gadget Armour's case is elegant, sophisticated, and very posh. I love that you can upgrade it with an embroidery option! Awesome! 

Well it's been a week since my parents got their phones... all in all, I'm very impressed with them. My dad totally cracks me up! He walks around in awe that he can access the internet so quickly. He just set up his voice mail today. My mom is way ahead... already downloading music, videos, games, etc to hers. 

A bit of a side note but its related! Below is a photo of my 76 year old grandpa using the internet to access Cabela's. Such focus! Such determination! So adorable! 


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