Sunday, December 20, 2009

H is for Hair Bows

I'm cheating! I'm not searching Etsy to find wonderful hair bows, I'm just gonna show off some of my own :) Like I said... thats probably cheating but have you ever searched for hair bows on there? Like a million and a half pages. I sell my bows locally like crazy but I haven't done so great online. Wanna know why? Click Here and you'll have your answer. Everyone makes bows. But, alas, I rather enjoy it so I will continue to make them.

 Vintage Storybook Christmas

I sold the above bow from my Etsy store in Oct. of 2008. This sucker was massive and I ended up doing another exactly like it for the same lady. Guess she wanted piggy bows for her daughter. I can only imagine how adorable she must have looked :) Anyway this has always been one of my favorites.

Large Gumball Machine 

Another labor of love :) I really enjoy doing ribbon art pieces like the gumball machine above. Its all about looking at the lines of an object and fitting the pieces together. Now granted I'm not as good as some people, but honestly the only thing holding me back is a lack of patience. These things take forever! The gumballs are made of 3/8 in ribbon that has been coiled and stitched for durability. I've considered using mini pompoms on these but I feel like somehow that cheapens the effect. But when I have time to sit down and play around with ribbon, wonderful things are created :)

In case anyone is interested in some boutique style hair bows feel free to contact me anytime.


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