Tuesday, December 1, 2009

F is for a Frisky Frolic

Don't get too excited! I'm keeping it PG!

I'm in a rush so I'm keeping it short and sweet tonight! I had a bit of trouble coming up with an appropriate F word... then it hit me! Frolic. Frolic is so my word... When I'm being goofy with my mom or Hannah I might *frolic* through the living room or hallway to get a laugh. I also use it when I'm annoyed or angry, "So-an-so is just out frolicin around instead of doing what they should be!"

I found these two great necklaces that are as different as night and day but both equally beautiful in their own right. Would love to have them both!

Now where does Frisky fit into all this? Well I searched the word thinking it'd give me some... well interesting results. Surprisingly not so much... I think there was a total of 70 items or something? Anyway the following Merit Badges were just too good not to post! Check out the shop ~ Lee Meszaros

Merit Badges for 'doing it like rabbits'

Just a little FYI ~ It seems cats, fawns, and rabbits are popular results for *frisky* and *frolic*


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my "French Country Bow Necklace"!! Lovely Blog!

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