Monday, November 30, 2009

E is for Elegance

When I think of elegance I think of the Jane Austen era... actors like Colin Firth, Anne Hathaway, or Kiera Knightly. In order to be elegant one should, in my mind, be graceful, delicate, stunning, but yet remain simple. The following are a few things which, I feel, possess these qualities.

Elegance is often related to the Victorian era... and what would the Victorian era be without Cameos? Which is what makes the Victorian Cameo Locket Ring by Ghost Love Jewelry so special! It is like an upscale version of a sorceress' poison ring which I've got to admit I've always wanted! Best thing about this one is the price is much lower than the one I've been eying from Victorian Trading Co. I'm adding this to my wish list :) 

Subdued colors also scream elegance to me. A beautiful shade of gray or cream... perhaps a light sage... these colors truly represent delicacy and simplicity to the core. Which is why the Gray Shoulder Bag from Steam Machine is a great find! I love the more modern silhouette of the bag, the way it hints at ruffles, and the bow is just adorable! Best part is it's totally affordable!

And last but not least... A bit of elegance for your home :) Looking for an eye pleasing way to store your favorite bath salts and soaks?  Look no further! The Bath Soak Hanger Set by Victoria Wilde is the perfect elegant answer! She makes these nifty little storage containers in all colors and sizes... geez I need at least two for every room in my house. So cool!


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