Saturday, November 28, 2009

C is for Chocolate

Need I explain this one? Chocolate makes me happy. End of story! LOL

Where to start... where to start... okay how about with this Deerskin Rock (bracelet/necklace) Wrap in Chocolate by EminToas! I mean WOW! I love how beautifully simple it is! And its great unisex piece! Delicate enough for a woman but just tough and rugged enough for any fashion forward guy. I could totally see my brother wearing the chocolate color one!

Alrighty... moving right along. I've just discovered spats and I think I'm in love! Check out this pair by faitavec in a yummy chocolate color! She also has a great dressy pair in a floral print with pearl snaps! SO CUTE!

 And while I'm on the subject... check out this GORGEOUS pair by ArachneLux!


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