Sunday, December 21, 2008

My December

This month has really flown by. Basically I'm just gonna do a brief overall of what's been going on with me. Then when I have a bit more time I'll elaborate on some of the more important things. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!!! I'm super excited! I love the holidays. My mom and I took some really great pictures of Hannah this year!! And since I won the CEM holiday giveaway, I got some FREE Christmas cards from Keepsakes by Janell!! They turned out great and I can't wait to hear everyone's responses!

Aside from everything Christmas that has been going on, I'm also super excited to announce that I have volunteered to be a Spirit Jumper!! I'll have a post shortly with all the official information & a link to the website! Basically we volunteer to send some of our handmade items to individuals battling cancer. This helps jump their spirit, hence the name! LOL I think it is a great idea and I feel really blessed that Meaghan asked me to help her out with this!

And here are the pictures my mom and I took of Hannah for the Christmas cards. The halo came from Lolo's Garden and really helped make the photos, don't you think? The b/w snow fairy was one that I had envisioned and wanted to do for awhile. I'm so impressed at how it came out! I couldn't believe it was so good. Of course my friend Norm really helped me out by getting it just perfect!! You can check out some more of his photography on his MySpace page.


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