Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Very Awesome :)

Well... I'm a little behind on the blogging. So I'm cheating... lol if you've read my two recent posts on MySpace... um don't bother going any further! Okay so check this out! This really awesome group that I belong to, Cafemom Etsy Mom, decided to send send Holiday gift baskets to a few talk show celebrities! Everyone pitched in a little for shipping and 3 people volunteered to put the baskets together! I sent some of my bottle cap necklaces which are tucked neatly into little blue and white stripe gift tins. Check out the pictures! The first is of the basket going to Martha Stewart and the second is going to Racheal Ray. I don't have a photo of the third basket which is being sent to Ellen Degeneres but when/if I get one I'll post it! So if any of you watch the shows keep an eye out for us (An Etsy seller will be on the Martha Stewart show Dec. 10 but she isn't a member CEM). Anyway this could be very huge for our group! I hope you'll take a little time to support us and don't forget to shop on Etsy this holiday season (search keyword Cafemom Team)!


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