Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well here I am again... I've entitled this entry as cloudy for obvious reasons if you live in this area. It's raining today. Big ol' crappy rain. Nah I don't really mind it so much but I really hope that it stops so that Hannah's field trip doesn't get canceled. We are going to the Pumpkin Patch in Quitman tomorrow! And we get free pumpkins... how can it get any better than that?! I dunno... but I know it'd be worse if it were raining... ugh even a drizzle. My hair will completely frizz and I'll look just ridiculous in the photos.

Aside from the obvious weather relation... I'm going with this title because that is exactly how my head feels right now... cloudy. I'm pretty sure its from a lack of sleep over the past week. I've been staying up pretty late every night this week reading. I finished Breaking Dawn (from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga) the other night at 1 a.m. It was completely worth staying up for... so don't get me wrong, I just had to get up at 6 to get Hannah ready for school. And I never got the opportunity to catch up on my sleep. So what do I do last night? I stay up and finish another book that I started before starting Twilight a month or so ago. So you can see why my head is a bit cloudy!

So lets just get to the point. I decided to post this morning because I figured my few readers would like something else to read... and I also wanted to get out an idea that was floating in my head. It seems like I always have the best ideas when I'm in that half awake and half asleep mode... So this morning as I stumbled around the house, eyes half open, gettin out Hannah's clothes, I was trying to think of something unique that I could put in my store. Everyone is doing boutique bows... what makes mine unique is generally the crazy mess of colors and nontraditonal fibers I use. So standing there thinking I didn't have much success... other than managing to avoid walking into the door facing. I go over to the bed to wake Hannah up but instead just flop down beside her... and then it hit me... I need to work on my ribbon art! It's basically just shaping the ribbon different ways to form something unique. So... what to make though... I rub my eyes and force them open. That is when I notice the shirt I picked out for Hannah to wear today (everything goes with jeans you know... I just grabbed a shirt). It's a gumball machine! Hmm... so really... how hard could it be?? Well... we'll soon find out. As soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna hit the studio and get to work. If it works, I'll post pictures (not to mention put it in my store). If not... I'll just post some short depressed message later! LOL!!! TTFN

Okay well here is a picture! It isn't very good... I just used my cell phone cuz I was in a hurry. It's not available from my store yet, but will be shortly :)


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