Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump Day

Man this week has really flown by... it's been kinda crazy though I suppose. My mom and I have been brainstorming on a few new ideas for things to put in our stores. She has some really amazing headbands that she hand embroidered with Hannah's name. They are super cute! She hasn't listed them on Etsy yet, but will be pretty soon. I'll include some pictures below. Other than doing some planning with my mom I haven't been doing much crafting. I did make a little felt owl clippy that turned out really adorable. Mostly I've been listing some Gymboree clothing on eBay... check it if you're interested. I went a little crazy when they put the Petite Mademoiselle stuff on sale... and didn't really consider whether or not my *sparkle queen* would wear it. I shoulda known better... its not pink *sigh* But at least now I get to list whole outfits on eBay!

I spent the weekend working on a couple of baskest for Hannah's schools silent auction tomorrow night. They turned out SUPER cute so I decide to list one on Etsy. It is a customizable basket which includes a headband and hair bow OR a headband and bottle cap necklace. The buyer gets to chose everything... from the ribbon and basket colors to the image on the bottle cap. It's listed here and I've got a special deal for twin girls :D I was really impressed with how great it came out! They looked amazing. I can't wait to see how they do at the silent auction tomorrow!

The field trip last Friday was SO much fun!! It took me 2+ hours to upload all the pictures on to myspace!! LMAO... well at least the computer did freeze. That would have sucked! It was great though... educational AND fun. Part of it was called Arkansas Frontier Land. They had several people dressed in era clothing who talked about Native Americans, one room school houses, and even about life in generally then. They even had an outhouse (not a real one... just for show) set up to show the kids. Of course by the time we got over there, the kids weren't too surprised. We'd already been to the Porta-Potties and had to explain them to the kids. Hannah was SO funny. She was like I'm supposed to go in here?! EWWWW!!! She cracked me up! The rest of it was all fun and games. There was a hayride, petting zoo, pumpkin patch so they could pick their own pumpkin, a place they could *mine* for gold and jewels, dig for dinosaurs, and a duck race! It was really a cool place! Definately worth the 6 bucks to get in! This weekend we may go to Peebles Farm and do the corn maze and hayride there. I went last year with my kindergarten class and it was really cool. Those corn mazes really a*maze* me... how in the world people figure out how to do that... I'll never know.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well here I am again... I've entitled this entry as cloudy for obvious reasons if you live in this area. It's raining today. Big ol' crappy rain. Nah I don't really mind it so much but I really hope that it stops so that Hannah's field trip doesn't get canceled. We are going to the Pumpkin Patch in Quitman tomorrow! And we get free pumpkins... how can it get any better than that?! I dunno... but I know it'd be worse if it were raining... ugh even a drizzle. My hair will completely frizz and I'll look just ridiculous in the photos.

Aside from the obvious weather relation... I'm going with this title because that is exactly how my head feels right now... cloudy. I'm pretty sure its from a lack of sleep over the past week. I've been staying up pretty late every night this week reading. I finished Breaking Dawn (from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga) the other night at 1 a.m. It was completely worth staying up for... so don't get me wrong, I just had to get up at 6 to get Hannah ready for school. And I never got the opportunity to catch up on my sleep. So what do I do last night? I stay up and finish another book that I started before starting Twilight a month or so ago. So you can see why my head is a bit cloudy!

So lets just get to the point. I decided to post this morning because I figured my few readers would like something else to read... and I also wanted to get out an idea that was floating in my head. It seems like I always have the best ideas when I'm in that half awake and half asleep mode... So this morning as I stumbled around the house, eyes half open, gettin out Hannah's clothes, I was trying to think of something unique that I could put in my store. Everyone is doing boutique bows... what makes mine unique is generally the crazy mess of colors and nontraditonal fibers I use. So standing there thinking I didn't have much success... other than managing to avoid walking into the door facing. I go over to the bed to wake Hannah up but instead just flop down beside her... and then it hit me... I need to work on my ribbon art! It's basically just shaping the ribbon different ways to form something unique. So... what to make though... I rub my eyes and force them open. That is when I notice the shirt I picked out for Hannah to wear today (everything goes with jeans you know... I just grabbed a shirt). It's a gumball machine! Hmm... so really... how hard could it be?? Well... we'll soon find out. As soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna hit the studio and get to work. If it works, I'll post pictures (not to mention put it in my store). If not... I'll just post some short depressed message later! LOL!!! TTFN

Okay well here is a picture! It isn't very good... I just used my cell phone cuz I was in a hurry. It's not available from my store yet, but will be shortly :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here Goes Nothing....

Okay well this is officially my first Blogger post... and for the most part my first actually blog posting. Well that isn't entirely true. I do have a blog on myspace that you can check out sometime. Would it be cheating if I posted my *thoughts* from there to here?!?! What a good idea... Nah I won't cheat. I'll do this the tough way. Enough ridiculous rambling. Lets cut to the chase....

So I decide to start blogging after my Aunt suggested it as a way to help introduce myself in the craft world. Now I'm a member of some great groups... Cafemom Etsy Moms is a WONDERFUL one. *Feel free to search for us (CEM or cafemom on to find some FABULOUS handmade items. * As great as being part of a group is, I figured it couldn't hurt to put myself out there and just see what happens :) So here I am.

I guess I should start with a bit about myself (those of you who already know me... can skip down I won't be offended). I just turned 25 last month and I have a really beautiful daughter named Hannah. She is 5 going on 15. And she is by FAR the very best kid in the entire world. I'm sure I am creating a monster as I tell her this each day. But I haven't seen her head swelling yet... so maybe she'll turn out okay. I'm not working right now although I do have my teaching liceanse. I graduated in May and at the time I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. I knew that if I entered the classroom right away, things would get ugly for me very quickly. So I made the decision to take a year off. It was a long needed break... getting through college took me 6 years. During that 6 years I worked part time in addition to taking classes, gave birth to a child, raised said child, took care of my dying grandmother,Norma, lost my other grandmother (Irene) to a sudden heartattack, followed by losing Norma 6 months later after watching her suffer for 6 weeks in the hospital. I went through trying to end a torturous relationship (the guy wasn't that bad... he was just that BAD for me), started a new one which lasted 2 years and ended badly as well. I'm in a new relationship and have been for nearly 10 months... well see how that one comes out. So anyways... before all that I was... oh right I needed a break. So that brings us up to where I am now :)

Last year when I was doing my student teaching in a kindergarten class, there was one little girl who would wear the most adorable hair bows (See her moms store here)!!! So that is what really piqued my interest. I bought a set of instructions off of ebay and did a little online research. With quite a bit of practice I started cranking out some hair bows!!! I was soooo excited so imagine my disappointed when my then 4yr old looks at me like I have lost my mind when I try to put one in her hair. "I'm not wearing that," she says. To which I reply, "Ohhhhhh yes you are. You are going to wear it and like it or else!" I really wasn't to surprised when she got home from preschool that day announcing the bow's untimely *in my opinion at least* death. Well it would have survived under normal circumstances. When it comes to bows, my daughter turns into a pink version of the Incredible Hulk and destroys any frill in sight. SOOOO no bows for my Hannah (even to this day... I have to pay her $1.00 every time she models). But I wasn't going to give up that easily! I had invested time and money in this venture and I wasn't giving up without a fight. So I grouped lots together and put them on ebay... gave them as birthday and Christmas presents and basically to anyone else who would let me shove one in their hands.

A couple of months ago, my Aunt tells my Mom about this awesome website, so we go to the computer and check it out. It didn't take long for the both of us to get excited... I made an account and started listing items right away. But other than a friend of mine making a purchase, nothing happened :( It was so sad. I felt all alone in the world, no friends, no customers (is the sympathy thing working yet? If so... Tara's TieUps if not keep reading). I felt like a BIG OL LOSER!!!!!! *sobs* Okay. Enough of that... so I joined CafeMom and then several crafting groups. I've been putting up my pictures like crazy and joining in the conversations as much as I can. So far, so good. I got my first custom order last week... THAT was FUN.... and I had another purchase over the weekend. So regardless of whether the posting is working or not, I made a couple of sells. Pretty cool in my book :)

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